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"On average, each tree, throughout its life – of between 70 and 100 years –will absorb approximately 1.3 tons of carbon dioxide. As trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and put back oxygen into the environment."


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Greenteam Courier is a subsidiary of Secured Courier, which has been serving the Toronto business community for over 20 years. Throughout the business day, we’ve pulled 60 of our vehicles from the downtown core and facilitate all pick-ups and deliveries with our team of cyclists, walkers and TTC Metro Pass couriers, that now service the ENTIRE subway system.
All other deliveries within the GTA still use motorized vehicles. We are in the process of replacing our fleet with hybrid vehicles over the next two years.

Using Greenteam Courier will help:
  • Reduce Gridlock
  • Reduce Emissions
  • Deliver Packages Faster in the “Green Zone”
  • Reduce Costs and Eliminate Gas Surcharges
  • Increase Environment Friendly Awareness
  • Reduce Paper Waste Through Internet Orders
Press Release: July 10, 2007

We are all very excited about this new service concept that we are introducing into the “core” of Toronto’s business district. Having been in the courier business since the early ‘80s, I have seen my business steadily grow into one of the leading courier providers in the city. This has occurred because I have built a dedicated staff, that can truly understand your needs and work to provide a service that is RELIABLE, PERSONAL, AND ECO-FRIENDLY.
As our business has evolved, so has the City. One of the key issues facing the downtown core is traffic congestion, “grid lock” and increasing pollution. As various civic groups and organizations work to address this problem, I have decided that there is something that we can do that will provide part of the solution while improving service to our customers. We are going GREEN.

As of March 31 2007, we hope 98% of all packages we deliver in the downtown core of Toronto will be delivered by the Greenteam, using bicycle couriers, walking couriers, and Metro Pass TTC couriers, that now service the ENTIRE subway system. Packages arriving from outside of the “core” will be transferred to the Greenteam at the outer edge of the Greenteam service area. By 2010 we will be using hybrid & other green delivery vehicles in GTA.

The boundaries for this service will be from Eglinton Avenue down to Queens Quay and The Lakeshore and from Dufferin Street over to Bayview Avenue. This is a vastly larger area than our “old core area” and will be serviced by 100% people power.

What does this mean to you?

  • You save time - bicycle couriers are actually FASTER than vehicular deliveries within the core area.
  • You will not pay Fuel Surcharges or Parking, Tickets, Insurance and Maintenance Costs, which are added to normal courier charges/ bills. Your shipping charges will therefore be reduced.
  • You will help reduce blockages of streets by delivery vehicles.
  • You will help free – up temporary parking spaces.
  • You will help reduce auto exhaust emissions in the core.
  • This website allows you to reduce paper usage and garbage.
  • You and your employees can take pride in the fact that you are helping solve these environmental problems.

Greenteam Courier and friends plant trees in Colonel Sam Smith Park with Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone as part of his Tree Advocacy Program.
Their Green Uniforms, Green Courier Bags and Green Bicycles can easily identify all of our Greenteam Couriers. For their safety and your confidence in our service, All Couriers must wear safety equipment – Our Uniforms are reflective for bad weather and poor light conditions.

If you have any questions or suggestions that will help us make the Greenteam more effective and more efficient please call me at anytime. I would be pleased to hear from you. I continue to be available at anytime and as always… we are only as good as our last delivery!

Greg Linton
(416) 363-3278

Greenteam Courier - a division of Secured Courier

Greenteam Courier tree planters Nolan and Abby are hard at work planting trees to improve our environment!

From Kim @ Planet In Focus

"Greenteam Couriers are fast, efficient, polite, environmentally friendly and 100% reliable.
When you need to push the Panic button they are there for you!"

Thank you Greenteam.

Kim Haliday
Administrative & Development Coordinator Planet In Focus: International Environmental Film & Video Festival

From Mark & Agatha

Hi Greg,

Agatha and I had a great morning with you and your crew; Georgia loved playing in the dirt. Agatha was saying that is was nice for her to finally put a face with a name now that she has met you and Abby.

What a great thing you and Greenteam Courier are doing. Let me know when you are doing this again in the spring and count me in. I am a big fan of reforestation and nature preserves. Anything I can help with, let me know.

Thanks again for the invitation to partake in this endeavour.

Mark & Agatha Mountjoy

From Sarah @ St. Joseph Media


I received your recent press release from my workplace regarding your
great environmental awareness and your great effort to do something to
save the world! I am very impressed - and I am an extremely passionate

Thanks so much for your efforts,


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